Yoga Heal®- yoga with a therapeutic alignment

Nityda developed Yoga Heal® as a means to integrate her work as a licensed mental health professional and yoga teacher. While many forms of yoga focus on physical alignment, the intention behind Yoga Heal is to find an internal and emotional alignment- an alignment that has the potential to heal the body, mind, and spirit in all of it's capacities- psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Nityda's work teaching yoga in non-traditional settings, such as the adolescent inpatient psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital, a drop-in center for teens in lower Manhattan, a residential drug treatment setting in New York City, and various public and private school settings, has led her to wholeheartedly believe in the potential healing benefits of yoga for all people no matter the context. Yoga has the potential to bring forth the resilient, strong, beautiful character that we all have within- it can be truly therapeutic when practiced in a particular way and with a teacher who has this intention. 

Nityda created Yoga Heal® with the needs of those struggling with the effects of trauma, mental illness, anxiety, depression, and addiction (this includes drugs/alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, sex, and internet) at mind. However, as we can all benefit from feelings of peace, calm, and clarity, Yoga Heal is great for anyone- not just those with a diagnosable condition.

Yoga Heal® has a focus on letting go of tension and the thoughts and feelings that cause us grief. There is an emphasis on the breath and creating expansiveness where there was once tightness and rigidity. Breathwork, meditation, and physical yoga poses lay the groundwork for Yoga Heal.

Adaptations of Yoga Heal®:

Yoga Heal Trauma: Trauma recovery and victimization continues to be my primary area of interest in both research and practice. Yoga Heal Trauma was designed for clients who come to Yoga Heal with the primary goal of healing from adverse trauma(s).

Yoga Heal for Kids, Tweens and Teens: This variation of Yoga Heal was designed with the developmental needs of kids, tweens, and teens in mind. Children in various developmental stages face a different set of realities, thus the formula of a given class also vary according to the following age categories: Kids- ages 4-9; Tweens- ages 10-12; and Teens- ages 13-20. In the end, the unique developmental stage and presenting concerns of the child is considered first and foremost, over a particular age category.

Wanting to know if Yoga Heal® is right for you or your loved one?

To get started I do a free consultation with you over the phone. I take down some basic information and we both decide, either right then, or shortly thereafter, if Yoga Heal is right for you. To schedule your free consultation please contact me at


Q: Is the physical aspect of Yoga Heal® similar to gentle and/or restorative yoga?

A: First, if you are reading this and have no idea what the above questions even mean, do not be scared, most people don’t and you don’t need to. Second, to answer the question, while there is a basic theoretical framework and template that makes a session Yoga Heal® rather than some other form of yoga (i.e. gentle, restorative, power, etc.), what Yoga Heal “looks like” depends on the the individual receiving the service. Yoga Heal®, in the beginning stages of work and the building of the student-teacher relationship, is almost always gentle ( this means that the poses are not at all strenuous, props are used, and the motivation behind the  physical aspect of the session is to create openness in the body through gentle stretching that feels good and is not painful). However, there are some students who eventually want to add more rigorous components to their sessions, for a therapeutic purpose.

Q: Is Yoga Heal® covered by insurance?

A: Yoga Heal® is not covered by insurance, however I offer a sliding scale, based on a number of factors, for payment.

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